Improved quota management and security
Minarca Release 3.8.0

Minarca's all-new v3.8.0 version showcases significant improvements to this open-source centralized data backup management software compared to the last update, which dates back to June 2020. This update offers enhanced features to its users who will appreciate the new simplified disk quota management interface and increased security that adds even more to this software’s robustness and safety. System administrators, companies with 10 to 50 servers and IT park managers, will benefit greatly from using this latest version!

Simplified disk quota management

Let's remember that the Minarca software integrates Rdiffweb and Rdiff-backup components by delving even further into administrator features. By integrating the all-new version of Rdiffweb, Minarca v3.8.0 benefits from several improvements, including a complete overhaul of the disk quota management system.

You can now control your customers' or employees' disk spaces even more rapidly and efficiently through a straightforward and intuitive interface. Disk quota management now adapts to any type of storage in addition to ZFS and ext4 file systems. You will greatly appreciate the time saved and flexibility of the quota configuration offered by this new version.

Increased security

In this new centralized data backup management software version, much energy was focused on increasing the level of security of your backups, as well as your infrastructure. Built from proven technology, Minarca was already known for implementing the best security measures but did not yet include isolated SSH connection management.

By carrying out a complete overhaul of the "minarca-shell" module responsible for the management of SSH connections, we have now integrated isolation for each user. "Minarca-shell" now isolates each SSH connection using user namespace, an isolation technique similar to that used by Docker and LXC. This makes it increasingly difficult for malicious users to gain access and compromise your data or servers.

We invite you to  download Minarca v3.8.0 now to benefit from these latest improvements that will increase your level of satisfaction with this already very comprehensive open-source data backup software. We work relentlessly to improve data management processes in connection with the open-source community. Don't miss out on all the latest news by signing up for our newsletter below.

You may also check the complete change list included in v3.8.0.

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