What exactly is Minarca?

Learn more about the foundation of Minarca

What exactly is Minarca?

Minarca’s name is the combination of the words Mine and Arca which means “My Chest” in Latin. Minarca is built on two main open source projects: rdiff-backup and rdiffweb.

Rdiff-backup is a reverse differential network backup for Linux, Windows and Mac systems.

Rdiffweb is a web interface to visualize and restore data from rdiff-backup repositories.

It all started with rdiffweb

In 2012, we started using rdiffweb and rdiff-backup as a backup solution for ourselves and our users to increase data availability. Then we started improving the web interface to provide a better service to our users and of course they loved it!

And so Minarca was born

In 2014, after becoming the official rdiffweb maintainer, we started working on Minarca Client to ease the integration and management of our backup infrastructure while providing a better digital experience and easy access to data for ourselves and our users.

Then the move to open source

In 2019, we veered in a new direction. In order to align with our values, we decided to create Minarca OpenSource. And, after a year of non-stop development to ease new users’ integration while increasing security and improving usability, we released our first public version in 2019.


Minarca is a rdiff-backup and rdiffweb in a single box with all the bells and whistles needed to make it easy to deploy and manage while increasing the value to your users.

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