New security features and continuous improvement

Minarca release 4.2.0

The Minarca data backup solution continues to evolve with the new version 4.2.0. IKUS Software is constantly striving to improve its IT solutions so that they are not only user-friendly, but also robust and secure, especially in the face of possible computer attacks. And we always take the opportunity to fix some small bugs for more stability. Here are the improvements made.

Added an important security feature

In this latest version, several improvements are introduced, including a new feature to counter brute force password attacks. This feature named RateLimit is configurable and limits the number of requests per second per IP address. This helps mitigate attacks by blocking access to malicious IP addresses. To learn more, read the documentation.

Improved response speed

Another improvement is to reduce the response time of the web interface. Considerable effort has been invested in reducing the response time as much as possible by minimizing the access to the data storage. By reducing the number of interactions with the storage, it is then possible to reduce the response time of the web page. In the end, when you browse a repository, the user experience should be faster.


  • Upgrade Rdiffweb to v2.4.0
  • Add support for Ubuntu Impish
  • Upgrade pyinstaller to 4.8 to improve command line usage and fixing issues with UTF8 #175
  • Allow usage of `--force` to force link event if client is already linked
  • Update French translation #178
  • Update Minarca documentation
  • Improve code quality with black and isort

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