Minarca for centralized management of your data backups

If Rdiffweb offers the most user-friendly Rdiff-backup web interface that allows for visualization and recovery of archives, and easy management of administrators, Minarca is an even greater open source data backup management software. Minarca combines the components of these two software systems and provides more advanced features, including ensuring an optimal link between the server and the client. This robust and secure software allows for centralized data backup management of all your devices.

Successful data backup software

We created Minarca in 2014 when using Rdiffweb and Rdiff-backup open source data backup solutions. These two software systems offer many features that we found most interesting and we wanted to extend the customer interface for optimized integration and maximum usage. In line with our values, Minarca also became an open source software in 2019 and we continue to improve this software every day with the support of the community.

Backing up of all your computers and servers

With Minarca the server and the client are integrated. This allows you to manage the data and archives of all your devices from the same place. This includes the management of multiple servers and computers, which is an optimal solution particularly for system administrators, IT asset managers and companies with 10 to 50 servers.

Data overview

Minarca provides an overview of your data, directly accessible online and easily restored in the event of displacement, loss or damage. You can manage your own archives, your client’s archives or those of your employees from one place. You have an overview of your data at all times and you can control the available space and access.

Isolated user access

Minarca provides isolated user access therefore each user has their own disk space and custom backup settings. As a system administrator, the person in charge of IT for your company, or an IT asset manager, this allows you to easily manage data backup space.

Automatic backup

Minarca software provides self-contained backup of your data, so you will always have access to the most up-to-date data. All backup technical specifications which were previously completed one by one are now automated. This not only simplifies the process, it avoids configuration errors and increases security.

A robust software

Minarca's centralized data backup management software uses the safest mechanisms on the market. Minarca not only implements the best security measures, it is built from proven technologies (Rdiff-backup) and is designed to limit malware.

Easy installation

Backup link set up between the client and the server is managed through a simplified installation. Minarca installs itself on a computer (customer) and/or a server by running a simple program. While the client provides a user interface enabling the setup of backup settings, the server orchestrates the data backups from a web interface.

Advanced features

Minarca's data backup software offers many features, and additional features are added all the time thanks to the contribution of the open source community:

  • Customizable appearance
  • File Explorer
  • File and directory restoration to an earlier version
  • Backup history
  • Selective backup
  • Automated backup in the background
  • User authentication and authorization via a local database or LDAP
  • Backup failure email notifications
  • Configurable repository encoding
  • Configurable retention period
  • Backup statistics visualization using graphs
  • SSH Key Management
  • Disk quota allocation
  • Backup statistics using graphs
  • Responsive web interface for easy use on mobile devices

A customizable look

The Minarca software interface is now fully customizable. Thus, it is possible to use a software consistent with your company’s branding or that of your clients. This contributes to strengthening user confidence in the software through an easily identifiable image and the assurance of being in the right place.


By integrating proven technologies such as Rdiffweb and Rdiff-backup, Minarca goes above and beyond. This open-source software provides a simple, robust and secure data backup solution for companies that manage data backups for multiple devices and need to compartmentalize backup space for different users. You will surely enjoy being able to manage all your devices in one place while benefiting from a customizable interface.

Improved quota management and security
Minarca Release 3.8.0