Explore the New Version of Minarca: Your Self-Hosted Open Source Backup Solution

Minarca, the open source data backup solution that has been in development since 2015, is on the verge of unveiling its highly anticipated major release. This self-hosted solution, powered by a central server running on Linux Debian and compatible with Linux, Windows, and MacOS, promises to push the boundaries of data backup even further. In this article, we will delve into the significant improvements brought by Minarca v5 and show you how you can contribute to testing this new version.

Full Restoration: Your Ultimate Backup Solution

One of the most notable advancements in Minarca v5 is the introduction of the full restoration feature. This groundbreaking functionality simplifies the process of recovering all your data in the event of hardware failure, complete data loss, or migration to new equipment. Providing users with unprecedented flexibility and control over data restoration, it complements the existing partial restoration features already available through the web interface.

rdiff-backup v2.2: Harnessing the Power of the Latest Version

Minarca v5 leverages the latest version of rdiff-backup, version 2.2. This upgrade brings enhanced performance, improved stability, and bug fixes to ensure a robust and efficient backup process.

User-Friendly Web Interface

Version 5 of Minarca also introduces a series of enhancements to the web interface, making centralized backup management easier. Notable improvements include:

  • An improved graphical interface for managing users and their preferences.
  • Enhanced visibility of quotas and their usage through email notifications and the use of color codes.
  • Customization of notifications to detect inactive backups.
  • Detailed statistics on your backups for more informed management.

Backward Compatibility: A Smooth Update

Minarca v5 maintains backward compatibility with the previous version (4.5.0), allowing users to smoothly transition to the latest version without needing to update their existing Minarca agents installed on multiple workstations.

Prevent Interruptions with "Inhibit"

To prevent interruptions during the backup process, developers have introduced "inhibit," a feature that enables backup agents on Linux, MacOS, and Windows to prevent computers from going into sleep mode during backups, ensuring the continuity of your backup operations.

On-Demand Backup Pausing

In situations where users are in remote areas with limited bandwidth, Minarca now offers the option to pause backups for 24 hours. This feature allows users to preserve their bandwidth and avoid backup runs during inconvenient times.

More Informative Error Messages

Minarca v5 presents more detailed and user-friendly error messages in case of backup failures. This improvement helps users understand and resolve issues more effectively, minimizing potential disruptions.

Expanded Compatibility

Version 5 of Minarca further expands its compatibility by supporting the latest versions of Ubuntu Lunar and Ubuntu Mantic, providing a backup solution suitable for a broader range of platforms.


This major release of Minarca, version 5, promises significant improvements and new features that will strengthen its capabilities as a self-hosted open source backup solution. By participating in the testing phase, technology enthusiasts can contribute to the stability and success of this project. As Minarca v5 prepares to make its mark, it is through the collective efforts of the community that it will achieve excellence in data backup and restoration. Seize this opportunity to test Minarca and help shape the future of this outstanding backup solution. With Minarca v5, your data is in good hands.​

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